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Compiling (PHP5) on {Debian|Ubuntu}

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Assigned keywords: Computer, Foreign Language, Programmieren

Im somewhat of an early adopter when it comes to new PHP versions, often compiling them very quickly. As most of my machines run some variant of Debian Sarge, I need to compile my own PHP as opposed to messing around with some kind of PHP 4.3, which I came to loathe.

debianeae share the same habit of splitting packets into two, one providing funktionality and the second providing libraries. So whenever ./configure complains about some missing library, it is most likely solved by running apt-get install <missingstuff>-get. apxs2 was missing too, which was solved by apt-getting apache2-threaded-dev. Also, lex was missing, which was solved by a quick apt-get install flex.

Sometimes libraries aren't located where ./configure expects them or have a slight different name. in this case, locate <library> helps, along with ln -s <where it is> <where it should be>.

Compiling stuff sometimes remind me of the typical fedex-quests from role playing games, when ./configure complains that my version of some library is anything but right. No problem, in this case I download a newer version and put it to /usr/local/<library_version> and hope that ./configure offers a convenient method to point it to the alternate version. If not, then there are compiler flags...
The quest character comes into play when a needed library needs another library, like Shanhar of Baradum only gives you the Crystal of Knowledge after you freed his daughter from Dungeon Distress, but for this Dungeon you need a key you get from somewhere at the other end of the world...you get the idea.


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