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USB plugs

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Whenever I have to put an USB plug and fudge in artificial light darkness, I always wonder whether I should do two things: first file a patent and get filthy stinking rich and then invest that money to have "Sunmaster 5400K" developed, which would be a lamp basing on a Farnsworth fusor filtered by an artificial atmosphere to mimick sun light, including the guarantee to get sunburn within 30 minutes.

The patent I'm thinking about is to mark the "top" side of USB plugs with damn signal color. The asian motherboard manufacturers really did a great job on color coding the sound cables so you don't have to try to determine in low light conditions under the desk of your table the difference between 0)))=> and 0)))<= anymore. But USB plugs are still black on black, so putting some whatever color, maybe mauve, around the USB sign on top of the plug would really help.


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