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The City is burning

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Assigned keywords: Gesellschaft, Weltpolitik

Imagine that your city is burning. Of course, you said all the time that it was a bad idea to neglect / deregulate the fire safety laws, use dried wood, tar and hay as building materials, build houses too close to each other and have open fire all over the place. But the people that didn't listen to you and your likes, namely the magistrate of the city, tell you to shut up and fight the fire, pointing out that last time nothing was done and the city burned down. Of course you're supposed to extinguish the fires burning at the magistrate's palace or the wealthy merchants first - because if they burn down, you're even worse off. And to go even further, they tell you that actually everything is your fault, because you lived in the city.

Well, thats essentially what we see with the financial crisis right now. People that told us that everything was going as planned while filling their pockets now see their city burning and expect common people to bail them out. The state pretends that it knew everything from the very beginning, but forgets to mention that it did not only deregulate the markets, but also herded people into participating, by telling them that they had to do more for their own security. What is next to absent is a true discussion about what happened and, what is even more important, what lessons can be learned; instead, people talk about not condemning wood, tar and hay too early and not fall for extremists like those lunatics who speak of stone and concrete.


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