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Penny Arcade is now "industry"

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Recent Wednesday, I realized that the well known online comic "Penny Arcade" finally became an enterprise. In their recent strip, they belittle people buying used games, refering to in their news as to people which "cheat developers". Now with that, they left their typical gamer perspective and switched over to the industry perspective. Which is only natural if you consider that they actually often work for and with the industry. They are industry.

Actually, I don't care as much about "online passes" or whatever bs the game industry comes up with, since my golden gamer age is gone. I simply don't care whether, say, Star Craft II has a stupid copy protection scheme or not, since I've got a plethora of alternative means of entertainment at hand without having to spend 60 € for a game on release day just to get annoyed by some stupid copy protection scheme. I'm just too old for this.
Likewise, I don't buy used games, and even if I would, I don't buy games which are just good for multiplayer, which is quite consistent given the fact that I a. suck at multiplayer and b. have better things to do than to spend hours of my lifetime to train myself to skill to serve my "clan".

Nevertheless, attacking the used games marked is stupid. I mean, don't get me wrong here, I see the point of the developers which want to and have to make money. But the same goes for virtually any product of daily life, for if I buy a used desk from a friend, I "cheat" the carpenter. This just shows how absurd the entire claim is. There's always been a legitimate market for used goods, and it has always been legitimate to lend something to someone else.

Anything apart from that is industry bs, and if Penny Arcade takes the viewpoint of the industry, it makes clear enough that they actually became industry. Well, so much for that, but they're still hilariously funny at times.


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